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Friday, August 2, 2013

A Contest and a change of Face

I just complete a precursory  search of "Tresearch asures From Darkness" and unfortunately came up with several links who had similar of a car club and another book by a grieving mother.  It kills me to have to change the name of my blog and the title of my memoir...but better to do it now than AFTER I've published. I thought it would be cool if you all had a say in what the book title will comment on this thread ...and if you have a suitable title and I choose it...I will send you a free book and I will make mention of you in the credits of the book.  I know that's not much of a prize but I'm running super low budget...

This blog will give lots of hints as to what the book contains.  Suffering.  Faith. mental illness. the omniscience of name just a few of the themes here.  So really...even if you've never ever gone public in commenting on a blog would be wonderful if you would give this some serious thought and share your thought with the bloggy world and me.
Thanks in advance for coming through with this.
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