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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Helping the Hurting

A quick note.
My brother in law, who has both RA and PsA has been living hand to mouth for years. He works in a sandwich shop. He is also a musician and belonged to two bands, from which he had a small income as well.  Then, disaster struck.  He became ill and could eat  nothing because of severe vomiting.  This has gone on now for months. He has been unable to work and because of that could not pay his rent.  He has been in and out of the hospital and they have been unable to help him.

He is all the family my husband has left, except for a couple of cousins.  This situation has burdened my heart.  Because of our own financial constraints, we are unable to contribute significant help.  It occurred to me that maybe might help. So yesterday I set up a campaign to raise this needed money. My goal is $2000.  And in the first day we raised $685!!
Rob's friends are spreading the word, and the money is coming in.

Rob is right now in the hospital again and I don't think he even knows that his friends are on the move to help him.  I know when he finds out, he will  be amazed and grateful.

Won't you help too?   We need more money to get to the point where Rob's apartment can be paid up.
$685 is a start....but it's only a start.  If you believe in Jesus, then please know, it is Jesus you will be ministering to if you contribute.  He said "in as much as you do to the least of these, so you have done to me. And it is situations like this that will divide "the sheep from the goats" and believe me, you do NOT want to be a goat!

My church's stated purpose is to be "God's hands of help and healing, both in the church and in the community at large."  I have been really hoping that God's people would come together and make a statement to Rob and all his friends saying "God's people care about you and we are here to help."  I do not want to beat anyone over the head and I will not say anymore about it today, but please, certainly you can spare at least $20....that is how we will get this done. one donation at a time.

Here is the link where you can donate and also monitor our progress toward this goal:
Please---there is one more urgent need: we need you to pray for Rob because without him getting well, he will be right back into hot water again.  I'm sure he feels alone and despairing right now...News about this fund and the love being poured out here will brighten his outlook, and I help will speed his recovery.  Please intercede with the Father on Rob's behalf and pray that the Lord will heal him in every way that he needs healing.

God bless you and thank you in advance for the great work you are going to do to display love and concern to a young man in need.

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