How Great is Our God in HEBREW,

Thursday, February 25, 2016

A Draught in a Drought

Well the illness I projected in the last post materialized.  Temp 101...killer headache, sore throat and lots of congestion.  Well naturally (because it's me we're talking about) it turned into an asthma exacerbation and that necessitated a trip to DR D., my pulmonolgist GP  who has saved my life more than a few times.  So to quote him "I'm gonna try to keep you at home."  That did not mean he was gonna set me on a mantle at his meant we will fight this outside of the hospital for as long as we possibly can.  So Prednisone, Nebulizers, antibiotic and codeine cough syrup.

I saw a description of an antidote to anxiety.

For all of us times of "heat" are coming both as a society and as a planet.  How do we face stressful times, whether it is in a social setting or "simply" when you are trying to juggle budgets of time and money and be a good parent in addition?  The bedrock of our being must be solidly embedded in the trust of the Lord.....whom we not only trust but have HOPE that this world and its problems are in his hands, and therefore we have hope--God has a much better plan and place for his children and it's not far around the corner.  Hope is the baby of trust.

Hope without trust is blind optimism and that is groundless because there is nothing solid into which it might dig its roots down deeply.  And the resulting strong hope and active trust are ever so much better than a Xanax!  It is here that we find our joy.  Hope brings joy when it is a SURE hope.  And who doesn't want some joy in these days of a pathetic presidential race, inflation, threats of terrorism and war, pending economic collapse ...ENOUGH...I'm telling you to hope and the news is so bad I can't bear to list all the world calamities.  But I trust God...and therefore I have hope.  And guess what? The news is not only for an is good news on this shore as well.

We will not fear when the heat comes, nor the drought.  OUR LEAVES SHALL REMAIN GREEN and as fresh as if we were a tree planted by streams of water.  When God brought the plagues against Egypt, the Children of Israel were untouched by the agonies faced in Pharaoh's land.  To some degree we will be affected...but I do believe that even if the Rapture comes after the Tribulation of the earth, God's children will be sheltered from the majority of the suffering.  And those who are being even now, martyred will get to heaven all that much the quicker.
I posted this quote yesterday on  Facebook but it seems relevant here as well.:
“The remarkable thing about God is that when you fear God, 
you fear nothing else, whereas if you do not fear God, you fear everything else.”
― Oswald Chambers
 The good news is that something amazing is coming and we get to enjoy sneak previews of it here as well...And we can count on it --it is backed by the name and word of One who never has failed us and never will ...
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