How Great is Our God in HEBREW,

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Prayer Prompts

I used to pray FERVENTLY and DAILY....sometimes staying up all night long on my knees or with my face to the floor.  However after15  treatments of ECT my shortterm memory was badly damaged and now it is very hard for me to recall prayer requests...It was even hard for me to remember to carry a notebook around with me....So now when people say to me "you are such a woman of prayer" or "please pray for me...I know you will..."  I would be filled with guilt. It wasn't that I didn't care or didn't want to pray.  I just COULDN'T.

So this past Christmas my husband gave me a gift that is wonderful in more ways than he knows.He gave me a Kindle Fire tablet. And on Amazon I found an APP called "prayer warrior" and it has a place to enter the name of the person and the specifics of their request and a place to enter the date that their request was answered.  For some reason this clicked with me. I either entered the request immediately or the next time I picked up my Kindle.  I have been faithful to pray through my growing prayer list at least once and even more than once a day.

I received this article in today's Crosswalk in my email.  This lady found her own method of recollecting the prayer needs around her.  If you don't have a kindle maybe this method will work for you....Prayer Prompts

Whatever the method, don't give up.  Ask God to give you your own method of recalling to pray.
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