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Monday, December 2, 2013

The State of the Union: Our Problems, Our Prayers

I apologize for the long silence.  My computer is broken (the part is on order) and I have had to beg borrow and steal my daughter's new computer.....Now it is 6:00 AM and she won't be needing it for a number of hours.

I've been going to the hospital once a month  for an infusion of Actemra for my RAD (Rheumatoid Arthritic Disease(s).  At first, I did not think it was working.  Then I was put on steroids when I was in the hospital for asthma last month and the relief I had was amazing.  I did not know if it was the steroids or the Actemra that so powerfully alleviated my pain.   Then I went off the steroids.....and pain returned...most especially in my right shoulder and my neck.....Then I got to the fourth week after my Actemra injection and pain intensified to unbearable....So the answer to the question is BOTH the steroid and the biologic were least somewhat.

I had my infusion again on Friday.  Through out the weekend I  suffered great pain...however beginning yesterday I was finally able to knit again. Prior to  that , the pain in my shoulder made it almost impossible.   So yes, it is now beginning to wane (the pain).  I need to ask my rhuemy if I can have the infusion once every three weeks.  That would cover me better.

Yesterday we had a guest preacher in my church....a minister who is between "jobs" and is temporarily attending my church with his wife.  I will be sad to see them go.  Although I was struggling mightily to keep my eyes open, I really enjoyed his message.   I'm going to have to get a CD of it.....My memory is so bad...I am trying to recall the sermon. It was on the value of Christ and the Kingdom of Heaven.  The text was the the two  parables...the treasure the man discovered in a field...and he sold everything to purchase the field.  And the parable of the beautiful pearl --that the man sold all he had to possess it.  He talked about the "pricelessness" of belonging to the Kingdom of Heaven...How we should treasure it above all else...and how we should "give it away" in order to fully employ its worth in our lives.   That is really a simplified version of the sermon...I really need/ want to hear it again.

I do not give it away often enough.  I try to give it to you here, those who read my writing....and I try to give it to my internet friends.  Unfortunately I have very little contact with anyone other than my church family--and most of them already HAVE what I would want to give them.   I need to give it away by interceding for others....I have been moved of late to pray for our president.  It is easy to talk dirt about him...even to hate him....but God has laid it on my heart, rather than complaining about the economy and the disaster of the National Healthcare bring all of these issues to the Throne of Grace and to put them into God's hands to remedy.  I know that Pres. Obama is seemingly far from salvation....but really ...Is he more far from that then my husband is?  No.... He is not. 

I believe if people would just stop complaining and would start praying, we could see some remarkable changes in our government.  I challenge you. The next time you have a worrisome thought about the economy or the future---bring it to the throne.  The next time you hear a rumor --like the abolishing of term limits than Pres. Obama is seeking...bring it to the throne.  The next time you hear of another person having to go into  foreclosure...bring it (and them) to the throne.  The next time gas prices know it! Bring it to the feet of Jesus...lay down your worry and your fear and begin to rejoice in the salvation  that Jesus can bring to the problems. 

And while you are not forget to pray for your brothers and sisters in the Philippines.  I have not heard from my beloved sister there....I can only hope she and her three children are okay....I pray for them every time I think of them, please join your prayers with mine.
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