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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Passport Through Darkness

Passport through Darkness: A True Story of Danger and Second ChancesPassport through Darkness: A True Story of Danger and Second Chances by Kimberly L. Smith

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I have always loved reading tales of missions and missionaries...Were I not physically disabled I would have been honored to serve and maybe someday write my own story.  Kimberly L Smith said that she could never be a person who serves Christ in the shoes of someone great and holy as Elizabeth Elliot...I don't know...I didn't think to compare the two but I think there are more similarities than there are differences between the two.  Kimberly heard the call of Christ calling her to minister to his beloved, suffering people in the Sudan where her life every minute was challenged all for the purpose of sharing the love of the Father to his hurting children.  Kimberly sold all she had and faced constant risk of death due to disease and lack of rest and proper food...She lived on the level of those she served.  Kimberly worked to build a mission compound in one of the darkest most hate-filled dangerous corners of the globe...She brought the message to forlorn orphans that they are loved and that Kim would tell the world their stories in the hopes of being  able to return with more funds and food and the knowledge that their stories were heard by people who cared for them.  In the end of the book, Kimberly listed the Names God had for her...Name of tender love and pride in his creation.  Kimberly never attempted to elevate herself for her readers.  She presents herself in all she is: fighter, tender hearted, heart broken for those who suffered.  She tells of her heartbreak over the lives she was unable to save....but did not take any credit for the many she DID help.  Kimberly spoke of her fear but it was her bravery that most glowed on these pages.  I would definitely recommend this book if only to open your eyes to the plight of those on the other side of the world who every day face starvation, violence,rape and disease.  I pray that this book will prompt you to give if you cannot go and pray without ceasing for God's beloved and that Peace would reign. Only by a work of God will that be possible and he just may be looking for an intercessor to stand in the gap.

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