How Great is Our God in HEBREW,

Thursday, March 7, 2013

A Stitch in Time

Today I've been immersed in knitting and purling. I'm working on  a shawl for my daughter....It will be the same pattern as the reader's shawl I made for myself but her's is in a splendiforous heather colored tweed yarn and so will make mine pale in comparison.  Plus, I have thus far avoided all of the mistakes individualisms that mine had incorporated into it.  Here is a sneak peek ( if you promise not to tell her you saw it here.)

Knitting is one of the best ways to solidify and express love and to materialize prayers.....I knit my prayers right alongside my love into every stitch of the piece and when she wears it she will be in the embrace of my love and the love of the Father as well.  How. perfectly. perfect.

Did you note my snazzy knitting needles? I got them on  It's a kit with nine sizes of needles and three sizes of cord and end stoppers to screw onto the cord when you are taking a break from knitting but don't want all of your stitches to slide off the needles.  Each of the sizes of needles is a different colored wood and they feel luscious in your hands.  I had a similar set years ago but they were plastic and altogether inferior.  Yes, they were a bit expensive but when I did the math....9 pairs x 3 different types of needles (double point, single point and circular) that this kit encompasses all in one I actually saved a pretty penny had I had to purchase 27 pairs of needles.   And can you imagine digging through 27 pairs of needles to find the one you want?  Mine are all neatly kept in a carrying case and it's a simple matter to take out the ones you want.

Anyway....the materials pale in the act.  The act of prayer.  The act of creation.  The act of love.  When I give someone a project I've made, I'm giving them a slice of my life and a piece of my soul.  I don't know why I quit knitting.  But I quit it as thoroughly as I quit smoking.  I got rid of all my yarn and every iota of knitting paraphernalia that I had.  It's as though I wanted no reminders.  And I don't know why.  It's such an act of joy.  It's taking a moment that may have been wasted in mindlessness and using it to create an item of love for someone.  Redeeming the hours that would otherwise have been lost.  I'm so glad I picked up this old hobby that I'd trashed along with my past.  A past I wanted to forget and to pretend it never happened.  And knitting was a part of that, I guess.  But that piece of my history I want now to resurrect.  And it is bringing me joy.

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