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Monday, July 10, 2017

Meeting the Challenge

So the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry.  I had a couple of busy days...and then  a couple of days where I was sidelined by a bad flareup of PsA.  So I missed several days of sketching.  In discussing this on that Facebook page I mentioned, the advice I got was wise. Stress is good for no one. And art is not about stress, it's about beauty and meaning.  It was suggested that I aim for 100 sketches but not in 100 days.  And this sounds very good to me.  And in talking with one of the members of the Fountain Pen Sketchers...she mentioned to me that she is working her way through a painting class on  I was intrigued and before you know it, I was signed up for a class called Sketching the Person in Motion.

I'm now on class number 4 and have done a number of little sketches for the class.  I'm not happy with the work I'm doing and that is why I won't be showing it to anyone.  But the important thing, and the thing that keeps me from being overly critical of myself is: I am learning.  I am progressing on a path and essential to that path is failure and renewed effort.  I understand and accept that.  It's a challenge and one day one step at a time, I am meeting that challenge with commitment and yes, joy.  I am joyous at the fact that I'm learning something that will change my art for the better and it will make me a better person as well.  

People need goals.  They need to grow.  Finding a place of growth is hard anytime but for someone who is middle aged, it is especially hard to break out of your shell and your routine and to accept new challenges and to open yourself up to the instruction of teachers who are further along the path than you are.  

My health has kept me stagnant for too long.  Yes, my hands being crippled and painful and having shaking from an undefined movement disorder; all of that increases the level of challenge.  But I accept the challenge and I will do my best to successfully meet it and to excel in this area of art.
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