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Sunday, July 30, 2017

And the Next Day Dawned Clear...

I know if you read  the last post you would think that by now I'd be locked up somewhere.  I'm glad to say, I'm still right here in this declining recliner.  My husband gave me extra meds yesterday and I didn't do much all day.  My recollections of the day are dim.  But I feel better this morning.  

All this was kicked off by a lengthy questionnaire that a new psychiatrist wanted me to fill out prior to my first appointment.  The questions were impossible for me to answer. Either the question did not give me enough information or the space allotted to write in was WAY insufficient, "List all prior hospital stays and dates of admission and name of facilty" WHAT??? Are you kidding me????? I've had well over 40 psych stays and probably even more medical ones.  I have no idea of when or where or the name of where I was.

And then there were questions I wouldn't answer if my best friend asked them...does this guy seriously think I would tell HIM this???

It infuriated me.  And it scared me. 
The good news is that the person I will actually be seeing is not this "so and so" but his PA who is new to his office but not new to me.  I've been seeing her for several years and when she switched offices, I switched too in order to continue seeing her.  So her new boss is not someone I look forward to encountering. I hope I do not have to speak to him.  

But at any rate: I apologize for yesterday's post.  I also got my phone working. Evidently one of its batteries is no I have new batteries on their way to me thanks to good old Amazon.
All's well that ends well.
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