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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Is it Too Good to be True?

I have met people who have agonized over whether or not they are saved and going to heaven.  Despite their desire for that and despite God's promises along those lines, they felt afraid to believe in the fact that God has saved and forgiven them.

This morning I was rejoicing that I know where I will spend eternity....and it is a sure and steadfast knowledge.  I used to have questions about whether or not a person can be sure they are God's beloved child...but I do not anymore! God has proven and shown Himself to me too many times for there to be any doubt.  If I was not His, would He be hearing and answering my prayers?  Would His saving hand have appeared repeatedly and miraculously in my life?  Would He guide me through His Word the way He does continually? 

Sure there is the stinking insinuation of the enemy: "Remember this sin and that sin?  And you have not served God in any earthshaking ways.....other  people have given more, have done more."  But I recognize these lies for what they are: LIES.  God has directed and led me for many years...and I have not been perfectly obedient in those years....but I have confessed every failure He brings to my mind and I believed Him when the word he gave me two years ago was "Blameless."  That whole year was full of house cleaning....I spent hours confessing and repenting of many (horrible) sins God showed me I was guilty of.  And now, since then, I try very hard not to let sins slip by unnoticed or pile up like they had.  And I rejoice because in His eyes (the only eyes that matter) I am blameless!

So this morning I was feeling happy about my future home with the Lord.  I rejoiced that all of the gifts and provisions He has promised His people are MINE!  I did wonder if this is presumptuous...maybe I should maintain a "Holy" speculation?  I looked up "Joy, Salvation" at and there were a lot of verses there..but here are two that particularly struck me:
Isaiah 12:3New Living Translation (NLT)
With joy you will drink deeply
    from the fountain of salvation!

Psalm 51:12New Living Translation (NLT)
12 Restore to me the joy of your salvation,
    and make me willing to obey you.

Isaiah 61:10New Living Translation (NLT)
10 I am overwhelmed with joy in the Lord my God!
    For he has dressed me with the clothing of salvation
    and draped me in a robe of righteousness.
I am like a bridegroom dressed for his wedding
    or a bride with her jewels

Was Isaiah or the Psalmist being presumptuous? NO! They were ecstatic.  They were rejoicing!  Now, as we can see from Ps 51, it is possible to lose sight of our joy.  BUT we do NOT lose our salvation just because we have temporarily lost our happiness!

The next time you feel like you could burst because of the riches with which God has given you, the next time you are tingling with expectation about the wonders in heaven, and the next time you wonder if it is all real and all yours.... Rejoice! Be Glad!!  The Lord Jesus, whose Hebrew name (Y'shua) means "Salvation", wants you to know that IT IS FINISHED.  He has completed the job of paying for your guilt and unworthiness. HE is worthy and that's all you need to know. Your name is engraved on the front door of your future home in the New Jerusalem.  And that is something you can count on if you have in faith trusted in God to save you and are serious about living for Him and seeking for Him to perfect the work He has begun in you.(Phil. 1:6)  It is real. It is true.  And It is YOURS!

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