How Great is Our God in HEBREW,

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Golden Oldies

I was just checking through this blog's "stats" as I do periodically.  It astounds me that over 137,000 visits to my blog have been made.  I am very grateful for--and humbled by this.  I just now looked at the all time stats for my blog and I see that for the years the analysis covered, I now have more than double or triple the number views in a month than I did at any other time in this blog's history.  Due to the fact that Blogger has an inadequate archival system, the earliest years of my blog are kind of hard to get to....I was just reading the posts written in 2009 (August) during a particularly hard time in my families history and I found myself being encouraged by the words of that "earlier me"...and I thought, what a shame that this stuff probably never gets viewed much anymore.  I think I will be maybe once a week posting an "oldie but a goodie" from the annals of Treasure's history.  So keep your eyes posted for these.

And here's a hint: If you go exploring and you look at a post in August 2009 you may find that these early posts are not listed in the archives, but if you go to the earliest post mentioned in the archive and you go to the end of that article and click on "Older Post" it will keep taking you back to posts earlier than that. It is an extremely inefficient system and one I wish Blogger would address.  Enjoying the mining for "unseen Treasures of Darkness"  (Isaiah 45;3) and look for those older entries coming to a computer near you.

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