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Friday, December 30, 2016

The New Years Message God has been Telling me

I read something yesterday on the topic of seeking God's glory. I was interested in the implied inference that seeking God's glory is one and the same with bringing God's pleasure.  It brings a Christianese concept and expression down to a human level of comprehension. 

Then today in Joni Eareckson Tada's email devotional, she ended with these words. "Inspire me today to do my work willingly and eagerly with an eye to Your Glory.  That, for me, would be my joy." 

We serve a happy God (read Randy Alcorn's new book on happiness and also the work of Rev. John Piper for more info on that).  Doing things for his glory and pleasure brings me joy as well.

I also have read recently that just to reverently and adoringly look on God brings him glory and joy.  God loves us infinitely shouldn't we at least with our human minds and hearts love him as well? So it is not a far stretch to suggest that we spend some moments each day in worship and adoration of our beautiful Savior.

In the Westminster Catechism it is stated that the chief end of man is to "enjoy God and glorify him forever."  And this is precisely what God has been pointing out to me.  You see, I can do very little due to health I cannot do 99.9% of the avenues of service that most people, who are trying to please God, do.  And I do not drive so visiting people who are sick or incarcerated or driving someone to a doctor's appointment or delivering a meal, are all impossible for me.

As a result of this, I've been feeling marginalized and useless.  But in the past two or three days, God has been showing me that there ARE things I can do to please him.  I can call someone to encourage them.  I can not repeat a piece of gossip I may have heard. I can keep my language clean (an area I struggle with).  Jesus said that "even a cup of cold water given in my Name" is honored and enjoyed by God.  Certainly I could do that, or something in those lines.  I do give financially ...and that is one area in which I know God is pleased with me.

Today a friend posted an article which arrived in my email...and wouldn't you know was on this very topic!  she quoted Philippians 2:12-13 TLB:
..."obeying God with deep reverence, shrinking back from all that would displease him...For God is at work within you, Helping you want to obey him, and then helping you to do what he wants." 

This passage really moved me.  God not only expects you to please him...he helps you to have the desire to please him. And he doesn't stop there!  He helps  you to do the things that please him!  So this evidence of God's grace helps us to bring him glory.

I am having trouble recalling where I read the first article that started me on this line of thought. It may have been another of Joni's articles...I'm not sure.  But it said "What would happen if God's children set about to deliberately seek and fulfill God's glory and pleasure?"  (these words are my paraphrase of the article.)

And my friend, Marlene Bagnull, in her article today spoke of setting New Year's Goals rather than resolutions (which is something I've been trying to do in maybe the last 5 years). Marlene asked What would happen if we let GOD tell us what His goals are for us to accomplish?  Have you set out any God-sized plans for the year to come?  I know that one of my goals....maybe the first one on my list is to do this very thing: to seek daily to honor and please my Heavenly Father and to seek out things to make him happy.  He takes joy in me and wants to share his Joy with me. It means asking God each morning for an assignment....and then striving wholeheartedly to do that very thing.

Have you taken God's plans for you into consideration as  you contemplate the year to come?  I urge you to give this some thought. 
Have a JOYFUL New Year!

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