How Great is Our God in HEBREW,

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Christmas Ponderings


I want to thank all of those who contributed to the fund I set up to help my brother-in-law, Rob who has been out of commission for a month due to illness.  He was a month behind on his bills. My goal was to raise $2000 to pay his back bills and also the bills for the current month so that he has some time to recover before returning to work.  And the GREAT NEWS is that, so far, we have raised $1735 on and in total contributions we have raised $1935!!  That is AMAZING considering the fact that most people are broke after Christmas shopping...but you all dug deep and came up with this great sum of money! We are SO CLOSE to meeting out goal.  And I have nothing but gratitude and thanks for all those who contributed and to all those who are praying for Rob.  Whether or not you can give money, you can pray.  Pray that God will completely heal Rob and make him once again to get on his feet.

Well my Christmas dinner is all prepared. It just needs to go into the oven and bake for an hour or so and we will be ready to eat.  Also I do want to make a side dish which I will do as the serving time approaches. 

Our house contains no hint that Christmas is upon us.  No decorations (*sigh*)  No tree, wreaths or anything. (this being due to my disability and the lack of anyone else to pick up the slack).  But the Baby Jesus is in my heart and on my mind.  Like Mary, I am treasuring up those words in Scripture and pondering them in my heart.  Last night as I went to sleep I  quoted to myself the chapter in Luke which gives the account of the angel visitation to the shepherds and their visit to the babe in the manger. 

I think about the sword which was to pierce Mary's heart (speaking prophetically about Jesus' forthcoming death on the cross according to the prophecy of Simeon at Jesus' bris) and that sword pierces my heart too.  I think of the millions, make that BILLIONS who reject the call of Jesus to them and who head down that wide path that leads to destruction.  I think of those blinded by the evil one who do not utilize the salvation that Jesus' blood offers them.  I think of those who reject him and who desperately need him. 

And I can do nothing but speak here in my blog hoping that there will be SOMEONE who catches a glimpse of the Light and Hope of which I speak. I also can (and do) pray for those who are lost....that they find their way...That God would open their eyes and ears to truth and that he would forbid the evil one any access to their souls.

Christmas is not just a nice holiday on which we get and give presents.  It is not merely a day for feasting.  It is a call that God has issued to the world--to commit ourselves to the path that Jesus taught about, preached, lived and died for.  It is to live in that power that raised him from the dead.   It is to be willing to die rather than to deny his Name.  It is not an easy path in this darkening world.  But it is the ONLY path that will lead to a never-ending life.  It is the only way to enter his presence and to find a life that is the way God intended for us. If you don't know for sure where you are heading after you die, please get a Bible and read it.  Read the books of Matthew and John.  If I can help in any way, please email me.

God bless each of you this Christmas.  Ponder in your hearts, this birth...the birth of Hope.  The birth of Emmanuel (God with us).  The birth of eternal purpose.  And the call to each of us to live and suffer for his name's sake.  And then consider what you will answer in response to this call. May you choose wisely this day whom you will serve.  As for me....I will serve the Lord. (Joshua 24:15)
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