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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Susan K where are you?

hi Today I have a bit of personal business to attend to.  A year or more ago I got a message request from my husband, Eric's, first cousin, SUSAN K.  She wanted to re-establish conversation and to end a silence over many years between her and my husband.  I replied to her message....a year later, after finding  it for the first time...and then found she no longer has a Facebook page.  My husband was greatly saddened at this missed opportunity for familial ties to be strengthened and he has asked me to post this blog in the hopes that SUSAN K will see it and respond. 

Susan if you are reading this please contact me at my email : and send me your contact info if you would.  I apologize for the late response on my part. I never knew what a Message Request was and that is why, when I stumbled across it a year or more later I was so sad to have missed the opportunity to connect with you once more.
I hope this works.
SO please, all of you, pardon the personal nature of this post.  And thanks as always, for reading.
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