How Great is Our God in HEBREW,

Friday, November 4, 2016

A bad very bad week.

Wow. So much has been happening.  Since Wednesday I have been a patient in the hospital we use for a stubborn bladder infection.  Also in the ER, they discovered that my sodium and potassium levels were critically low so I got emergency bags of IVs for those elements.

My urine was cultured.  The result? A dangerous, drug resistant bacteria only defeated by two medicines...One of which I am allergic to.  And the one I might be able to take, requires me to go off of all of my psych meds because of a terrible drug interaction which can create an even more life threatening illness. 

For me to be off of my meds for this long is a scary thought.  I know that God is able to keep me stable throughout the process and he is able to keep me from being allergic to this med as well.  He can also keep our insurance company from refusing the med or from making it cost a fortune.  But if I don't take it?  Sepsis and possibly death...especially without an immune system as I am as a result of the PsA drugs I take.

Pray for me.
My mom died a week ago and I have not grieved yet.  Pray for my dad.  He doesn't need any stress now.
Just pray.

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