How Great is Our God in HEBREW,

Tuesday, September 20, 2016


When I went to my appointment withthevsurgeon who fused my ankle, she really let me have it for putting weight on my foot . She claimed that she never gave me permission to do that.  However she told me I could walk within mg father's hearing and I have written orders in her handwriting stating I could begin to walk..  Plus my physical therapist called her three tines to clarify the orders

So she put me back on nonweight bearing status. Then the night before last I got up in the night to use the bathroom and tripped and landed with my full weight on my bad ankle. I felt something give way inside my foot. Pain was terrible so I called 911. They took me to the ER and my foot was Xrayed. They told me nothing was broken and said I'd damaged some ligaments.

When I called the surgeon from hell and told her what happened, she insisted I stay off my foot and wants to see me tomorrow.  What I find interesting is that in order for me to go see her, I have to go down six steps and back up them. I have not yet perfected flying so unfortunately will have to use my feet. Yesterday there was no way I could!d consider climbing those stairs, so we called the fire dept who saved the day by carrying me up them in a stair chair.

Pain today is less than yesterday so I will have to see how I feel tomorrow. If I'd have been told the truth about this surgery, I never would have had it. Recovery is longterm and painfully difficult. And the result may be even worse pain than that which it was supposed to alleviate.
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