How Great is Our God in HEBREW,

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

The Goings on's

Hello--and yes--I am still in the rehab hospital.  While I have made visible progress I also have had a setback (temporary) . I was hopping on one foot going up the practice steps here...and on the top step I didn't quite clear the step, caught my toe, lost my balance and my knee buckled....I was trying to catch myself without putting any weight on my bad leg.  Instantly four pair of hands grabbed me., in time to keep me from hitting the ground.  That was two days ago.  Today was my first try since that time.  My stomach was in my throat. I was frightened.  Instead of using the crutches I'd been using, this time I used the railings. It was still scary....there 's that second or two after you hop, before you land....when you are airborne. And it is terrifying.  But the fact is that if I want to get home and make it up to the deck landing after hopping up 6 steps--steep steps--before the three weeks I have remaining in this cast, I have to face it.  I have to practice.  DAILY.

Or I can gamble that the insurance will pay for that three weeks. And just wait it out.  But what happens if they decide not to pay?? And I have not prepared???  Disaster.

Tomorrow I should know more.  My husband will be here for a meeting with my social worker.  We will see then what they have planned. I'm kind of nervous.

I have not had any "deep" thoughts, nor many "God-experiences"--i am feeling cut off from my life.  All that was familiar is no longer.  Now my routine is very different than it was.  And that is not all good. But God has given me a PT  that I really like. Not only is she a great PT....she is a  great friend and I am glad to have met her.

I will try to keep you all updated on the goings on here.
God bless.

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