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Thursday, May 19, 2016

Who Scribbles?

My handwriting is something that has evolved.  It is a combination of normal cursive penmanship and calligraphic forms that have morphed themselves into my own style.  However it was nearly illegible.  I honestly could not make it much neater or more legible no matter how hard I tried to write neatly.  I believed this to be the result of the arthritic deformity of my hands...  But last week I saw a two part video on YouTube. Here is the link: (  )

The video was a tutorial by a man who had transformed his very sloppy handwriting into beautiful penmanship via determination and practice.  He was inspirational to me and I began to try to emulate some of his ideas.  I have a long way to go, but already can see improvement in my penmanship.  It is legible.  I think I will forever struggle with keeping consistent slants from line to line.  Being left handed and having to tilt the pages to avoid my hand resting on the binding of the notebook, slant is something that is always challenging to me.  And that is the greatest factor when a person looks at a whole page of handwriting....if there is a consistent slant it adds much favor to the impression a person's work makes on a viewer.

The reason I am pursuing this is two-fold.  1)  I want to improve legibility and 2) I feel that if I can master the pen....make it do what I want it to do and I look at the results with an eye toward perfection--it will greatly and positively impact my art work.  One of the things I dislike most about my drawing is that it rarely has beautiful lines...I shade by making scribbles.  In the second regard, there is a man whose work I am in awe of....he has completely conquered the medium of pen and ink and now consequently, his artwork soars. Please do yourself a favor and visit his website and be totally amazed. ( )

I feel that if I can learn to control the pen (maybe not to the degree that Jake has), then I will begin to have more beautiful flowing lines rather than spastic scribbles...and my plan is to approach this first via penmanship and calligraphy.

Sound like a plan?

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