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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

An Apology

This morning, I published a blog here which was really maybe too harsh. A friend helped me rethink it.  I need a ride to a town 1.5 hours from my home in order to visit a surgeon whom I hope, will do needed surgery on my ankles.  My ankles are bone on bone and the bones are getting damaged by my walking on them.  It feels like I'm walking with two broken ankles.  I'm using forearm crutches now to try to take the weight off of them and soon won't be able to tolerate that and will have to use a wheelchair.

This surgeon is the only one in the county who does this surgery and I have no way to get there.  I need rides for about 7 visits, total time expenditure would be less than 4 hours per visit.  My pastor put out a call to broadcast my need however made it sound like "just another doctor appointment"  So it is not terribly surprising that no one responded.  Would they have responded had they known how critical the need is? I don't know. 

So if you read this morning's hard words I wrote, please forgive me and understand that I'm frustrated beyond belief and I'm so tired of not being able to go anywhere because I can't stand to walk.  If you can help me please call me.
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