Bring the Rain, By: Mercy Me

Sunday, April 10, 2016

What are your Thoughts in a Storm?

This past week we had a storm with winds that must have been at least 75-80 mph.  I've never seen anything like it, including hurricanes.  I was terrified.  The whole front of our house is glass, so i had a panoramic view of this scary event.  I was sure the glass was going to blow in or be shattered by the limbs that were blowing off of the trees.

I was in one other storm that was memorable...I was riding home with a pastor who was giving me a ride home from a visit to a NYC doctor.  The storm sprang up minute blue skies and the next it looked like the end of the world.  I was frightened ...trees were falling all around us.  My driver however was gleeful.  He said to me "I hope you're all 'confessed up' " and really that was what was on my mind too.

But I read an article recently where some missionary in the Middle East said concerning his dangerous surroundings, "If it is my time to go, then I go to the arms of Jesus. If not, then I'm as safe as if I were at home in the USA sleeping in my bed."

And then today I read this quote by John Piper:
"Which means that no matter how serious the suffering becomes, the worst that it can do on this earth is kill you. And Jesus has taken the sting out of that enemy. He is alive. And you will be alive. “Do not fear those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul” (Matthew 10:28)....
So remember Jesus, the one you serve, and the one for whom you suffer. He is alive and he will reign forever, and of his kingdom there will be no end. No matter what they do to you, you do not need to be afraid"

All of which served to convict me about my fear in the storms.  Jesus said to my spirit, as he did to his disciples when Jesus was sound asleep in a horrific storm and they woke him, "Where is your faith?"
Indeed.  I am completely protected. Life or death; Property damage or none; I am completely safe no matter where I am, in storm or violence....if it is not God's plan for me, then it won't happen.  If it is my time to go then even if I'm "safe" in my bed at home....I am (or need to be) ready.  And that is not such a bad option.

I really need to spend some time thinking and praying about that I'm all  'fessed up' for the next storm.
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