How Great is Our God in HEBREW,

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Princess: Daughter of the King

Did you ever feel hesitant or scared to ask God for something out of fear that he would --for mysterious purposes of his own, do the very opposite of what we wanted?  Did you ever feel nervous about going to God with your needs because maybe you felt unworthy of God's attention? Or like your request was too unimportant for God to care about?

Let me tell you of what has been happening to me in this regard.

Lately, with my bad ankles and the hip really is impossible for me to walk in Walmart.  Our Walmart is limited in scooters.  They are either broken down or no one has charged them.  I've begun to pray on my way to the store, "Lord, you know I need a scooter. Will you please make sure I get one that has enough power to make it through the store?"  And time after time, trip after trip, there was one scooter...sitting waiting for me, with power to spare.  Today I heard God say, "I know what you don't  have to beg me. Just have the faith to believe I will provide."  And I said to him, "OK Lord, I won't ask you each time....but you can be sure that I will thank you each time!"  Today there were about 6 scooters waiting to be used.

And we have a partially finished basement....with a sump pump.  Since we've been here we have had two major hurricanes.  In the first one, the power went out and the sump pump stopped...and the basement flooded.  We had had advance notice that this would happen so we put everything up high or upstairs.  But there was still a lot of damage.  But we found out that, contrary to our expectations, our home owners insurance paid for drying out and repairs and lost possessions.

In the next hurricane we had borrowed a small generator...with  a pull start and a tiny gas we had to go outside in the middle of the storm, to add gas and restart it.  That was a nightmare...all night, every hour goign out in the storm..

We need a generator.  An electric start one because my husband has to have surgery on his arms and hands and he cannot pull the start cord.  But we have not had the money and we have not seen one that meets our needs.  Last season there was a hurricane, heading straight for us.  Now I can no longer manage the basement steps so even if we had to move stuff to safety, I could not do it.  So here I sat, Powerless?  Oh no, don't know my Jesus if that is what you think.   I prayed that hurricane right off the coast, at the last  moment it changed course and we did not lose power.  Every time we have a bad rain storm combined with wind (which brings down power lines)  I pray..."Lord, we need your help!"  He said to me today (we are expecting 60 mph winds and a lot of rain), "I know you have not been able to get a generator.  You are in my care.  Do not fear."

So all these answers to prayer....yesterday my husband went to the dentist fully expecting to need a root canal and crown---and we do not have the money for that.  My husband called me after his appointment with very good news.  Relief and joy.  All these answers to prayer make me feel like a princess....a princess in a bubble where the troubles of life cannot reach her.
A princess that merely has to ask her Father, and there, the solution to her needs are provided. I know that that is not the case. We are not promised a life untainted by hardship.  I certainly have enough pain for 50 people and I am convinced that God has a purpose for that.  But He knows what I can handle and what would put me over the edge.

There is a T-shirt that says "I'm not spoiled, it's just that my husband loves me".  That is exactly how I feel....shielded and sheltered by my Father's love and care and provision.  Can you trust and let God know of your needs? Can you believe He will treat you with love and compassion?  He is longing to be your Provider as well.  Jehovah Jireh, Our Lord, the Provider. He is also El Roi, "The God who sees me"....He sees your need. It just takes a bit of trust and faith on your part and He will meet you in your need as well.

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