How Great is Our God in HEBREW,

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

A Grateful Leper

This week, although I have not left my house, my thoughts are with my parents.  My mom is currently in the ICU in a hospital about an hour from here.  She's been sick for weeks with diverticulitis and the infection gained a toehold and blossomed into sepsis.  Sepsis is a killer.  It is a system-wide infection affecting everything from the blood to the brain.  Naturally I have been concerned for her.  I am also worried about my dad.  He has barely left her side.  This morning he was in the ICU by 7:30. I'm worried that he is not eating well or sleeping enough.

Today I will be going to see my mom.  I'm getting a ride from a friend and it turns out that my daughter will be there also, arriving slightly later than I.  I told her I would take her out for dinner...maybe we can talk my dad into joining us.

There has been an outpouring of concern on Facebook for mom since I posted a request for prayer.  The other day I made a Word document of all of the comments that friends and family have posted there and I emailed it to my dad to share with my mom. (he is not on Facebook).

So how can I make a blog post about this?  I really don't know, except to say that our lives are in God's hands and that he hears our cries for help and mercy and he responds.  He is not some far away, vengeful God in the sky....but he is close enough to hear the whispers of our hearts.  His heart breaks when we try to tough things out or go them alone.  He wants to be included.  He wants to pour out his love and awesome power on our behalf.

So whatever you are going through....ask him in. Invite him into the middle of things.  Ask him to work in your life and circumstances.  Ask him to work in your heart as a result of seeing him work in your life.  Don't just take his answers and aid and run with them.  Preach them to yourselves.  Ask him to grow your faith as a result.  Praise him.  Thank him.  God loves a grateful heart.  Don't be like the lepers who were healed and kept on going. 
Be the one who went back to offer thanks.

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