How Great is Our God in HEBREW,

Saturday, April 23, 2016

A God who Provides

Today I got close.  I approached the rabbit  hole, bent over and stuck my head into it.....and JUST BEFORE I FELL, I sought help from the Lord.  I was feeling the precursors of depression today: that trapped feeling you get when you are out of resources and issues arise that are bigger than you . And the sense that I have NO ONE in my life to help me through.  Now that may not be true.  It could very well be a smoke screen of the enemy.  And in fact...

All day I've been listening to the song I have posted above.  "Oceans--or When Feet may Fail" --and that song drove me back to God's loving arms....when before, I had my back turned to him and it took a bit before I recognized his "tap, tap, tap" on my shoulder.  I poured out my heart to God and gave to him all the burdens that have been weighing me down.

God has been tutoring me in trust.  I shared with you the promise of provision for the scooters in Walmart. And he has still been faithful.  Every time I've been there...there is at least one scooter and it got me through the whole store without losing battery power.  Now I no longer panic at the thought of "what if one isn't available.?"  I simply go and there always is one there.
It's a minor thing.  But God himself said "Blessed are those who have been faithful in small things, for they shall be given bigger things" (a very rough paraphrase).

God has given me some promises regarding my life and I had temporarily lost sight of them, and yes, lost faith in them.  If I had not wavered in faith, I would not have been in the state I was in today.  God's promises do not waiver.  What he promises is as good as done.  I just had to "get with the program."

I did a study today on  Jesus as the Bread of Life and the Living Water.  It showed me that he has amply supplied all that I need...from salvation right on down to my daily bread.  He meets needs and his children do not lack any needful thing.   All we need to do is to "feed on his flesh" and "partake of his blood"...what does that mean? It means to seek him for our sustenance. It means to rely on him for salvation.  It means to confess our sins to him and let the blood of his sacrifice cover them.

I also read today something about abiding in God.  How MOMENT BY MOMENT we are to be in prayer and keep the ears of our hearts open to God's direction.  And when we live in this manner, there is no fear.  There is wisdom and direction for us.  There are answers to our pleas for help.  There is redemption for our sin-blackened souls.

God has shown me some things about faith, worries, needs, promises and provisions.  When any fear or worry plagues us we need only to bring it to Jesus and CHOOSE TO BELIEVE that he will take care of it.  And you know what? He always will.  But the "choosing to believe" is not cotton candy faith.  It is meat and potatoes faith.  The faith that feeds and nourishes you.  The faith that has substance.  Do you feel like you are lacking in that department?  Stick your hand out in trust.  Trust him for some smaller things and then sit back and watch the amazing answers he brings.  Then, trust him for something a little bigger.  And again rejoice in his provision.  This is not "name it and claim it" faith.  It is trust in a loving Father who knows what we need (and that may NOT be what we WANT) and will make sure that we have it.

And may I make a suggestion? Take a notebook or open a file on your phone or laptop and name it "God's Answers" and write in there every good thing that he has done for you in response to your cries for help.  And when anxiety and fear come to call? Whip out that notebook, read it, and send worry packing.  It has no place in the heart of a child of God.  

I used to suffer terrible anxiety attacks about the future. I decided to make a notebook for myself and every night (when I used to panic) I would read it before bed and I told myself. "God is the same yesterday, today, and forever"---if he met my needs in the past he will do so today and he will do so in every tomorrow. .  I need never fear."  Try it. It is good for what ails you!!
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