How Great is Our God in HEBREW,

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Baby this Baby!

Last Tuesday I was admitted to the hospital for a case of asthma gone wild.  I coughed my way through a week and finally this PAST Tuesday was told I could go home so in the process of getting dressed to go home I reached down to the floor while I was sitting on the bed....and oh no- God - in hip slid out of the socket causing instant immobilizing pain.  I called out for help and people came running.  They got me onto the bed...and an excruciating Xray later all was confirmed..  Dr Trapp I was told was on vacation.  The entire day was passed sucking up Dilaudid IVs and being in a  pain filled haze.    That night at midnight I was taken to the OR and was put under while they attempted to get the leg back in the socket.  They were unable to because of the type of socket i had in there.

So surgery was scheduled for the next day.
Surgery took place and I woke about 8:00 AM with a new hip and a renewed sense of vulnerability to such events happening again. I had had a false sense of security over the past two years since the doc had cured my vulnerability by putting on this special socket.  This week a courier was dispatched to Albany to pick up the piece that the doctor planned to use in my surgery.

Now I will never be lulled to casual indifference.  Never again will I feel that caution is not necessary. This baby needs to be babied.
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