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Sunday, January 17, 2016

WHAT is that I Smell???

I mentioned to a friend and fellow sufferer of SZ, that I need to write a blog post as it has been too long since my last one.  She suggested to me that I write on the topic of olfactory hallucinations.
I don't know if I will be able to squeeze a whole post from the topic, but I will try.

Olfactory hallucinations are the most intractable of all SZ symptoms.  I can feel well in every other regard but will still suffer from these troublesome pests.  I have had two olfactory hallucinations - or two kinds, rather.  My most common (and most dreaded) is the smell of diesel fumes.  Imagine if you will, sucking on the exhaust pipes of an 18 wheeler. ...night and day. It is awful.  And it is so powerful that I can be duped by these things into struggling with asthma.  Diesel fumes are an asthma trigger with me....and these fumes are so strong that it actually gives me headaches and makes me feel as though I am struggling to breathe.  Once this hallucination presents itself I know that it will be present for 3-7 days--see what I mean by intractable?

What can be done?
Sadly: NOTHING.  I've put essential oils on my upper lip under my nose....and I won't even be able to smell the oil....all I smell is diesel.

My second type is cigarette smoke.  Again, BLECH.
The problem with this hallucination is that it goes hand in glove with a delusion I struggle with.  This is embarrassing but true.   I often have the belief that my husband is bringing in another woman...into my very own home. And he keeps her hidden here, always out of sight...but I hear her voice....and I smell her cigarettes! Fortunately this last olfactory hallucination is not as common as the diesel exhaust (at least I think it is fortunate!).

Hints? Success stories? Tips?
NONE.  Just grin and bear it.  I have found nothing that is helpful or which works.  I'm sorry if that discourages you.  I do NOT understand why I cannot hallucinate roses, or lasagna cooking...or perfume. Other people I've talked to have it even worse. They smell: rotting flesh.  Flatulence.   Feces.
It doesn't seem fair.  But then the whole disease is unfair... It is no respecter of persons, that much is certain.  I don't have any good hints other than to try to be busy to take your mind off of it as much as possible and to take hope and courage.  They do not last just seems like it.  And lastly: thank God from your heart for every. day that you are free of these
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