How Great is Our God in HEBREW,

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Prayer Warriors - On Alert!

I've had some symptoms of a very bad UTI (urinary tract infection.)  Yesterday I went with my Dad to Middletown where I saw a doctor who verified blood in my urine. Then we had to go for a Stat ultrasound.  And somewhere in the middle there my mind began to crumble.  Logic was lost on me. My dad was obviously frustrated with me trying to get me to focus and use my brain.  I got home last night speaking nonsense.  I was not so far gone though that I accepted all of my crazy thought as reality. I knew that I was confused and wasn't making sense but I was powerless to fix it.

Not only that - but the walk out of the doctor's building, was horribly was all I could do to make it to the car.  When we got to the hospital, thank the Lord, I was able to get a wheelchair.  Now this weakness has continued today (but thankfully the confusion did not).  I have finally gotten to the point where I am unable to launch myself from my recliner.  Thank you, Jesus for this motorized chair. I tried to make a cup of coffee this AM and when I tried to grind coffee bean for my coffee, I could not get it "together" enough to figure out how the coffee grinder worked and then when the pain reached excruciating, I had to give it up. okay so maybe my mind is still compromised --a little.

I worry about the apparently thin thread that ties me to rationality.  Is this going to be my future? The only time I am aware of when nothing I said made sense, was following surgery and much anesthesia...and my brain took a vacation for some months.  OK, so that was from anesthesia, but this,  even though short lived, this event is more concerning because it happened spontaneously.
So much need for prayer.
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