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Friday, January 1, 2016

New Year-Blessing? or Bleak Outlook?

The year 2016 is 25 minutes old. I hope that you are surrounded by those you love....laughing and having a joyful time.

My friend, Steph, is all excited about the New Year.  She says it will be a GREAT year, full of wonderful blessings and happiness.  I can't say as I share her expectations.  She certainly is more optimistic than I.  One of my resolutions is to be less negative.  I'm trying to cough up a bit of optimism but am getting nothing but hairballs.

I'm alone tonight.  As I am every night. And normally that doesn't bother me all that much. But tonight---when I think of celebrating with friends, laughter and hilarity--It seems to me that I will never again laugh and celebrate again. This d***ed disease has ruined my life. It has sidelined me at too young of an age.  But the truth is that SZ had pretty much done that anyway.

I would LOVE  a great year; a year of better health, mental and physical.  I would LOVE a year full of better finances....of new friends...of laughter and joy. A year of spiritual depth and discovery, of intimacy with the Lord and power in prayer.

And who is to say that I can't have these things?  Maybe I just have to ask, expecting good things from the hand of the Father.  Some of these things, such as friendship and power in prayer, take some effort on my part.  Friends don't just fall into your least not very often.  And to have power in prayer you have to actually spend time praying.

Sow your mustard seed; reap a mountain.

Lord God, open my eyes to the opportunities you will bring my way this year. Help me to do my part in obtaining them.  And forgive me for the sin of pessimism.  You are a loving Father, you desire good in and for your children. May I expect good from your hands. I know you will not hand me snakes or stones....but bread.

Keep us all in safety this year.  This world is a dangerous place.  Help us to fix our sights on the Kingdom of Heaven.  Rescue those who are on the run for their lives.  Grant them shelter and may they be the wake-up call we all need. And open your arms to receive the martyrs sent to your arms by ISIS.

I pray for the despairing and the lonely.  For those who are sick and alone in hospitals.  Be their comforter, help, and strength.

Father thank you for giving us a new year. A fresh start.  Restore to us your joy--our optimism is not blind; rather it is focused solely on the expectation that you are good, you are loving and you are strong and all three of these things guarantee us blessing and protection and provision.
We are your children.
and we love you  Jesus.

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