How Great is Our God in HEBREW,

Monday, December 7, 2015

He is Good. He is God.

God is good!
He hears our cries for mercy and for justice...and he rides the winds to come to our aid.  A potent prayer offered yesterday on my behalf brought badly needed relief.  Yesterday in church I was convicted because of my dark blog the other day.  When you are surrounded by darkness, it is easy to drown in it.   In church I was reminded that "His yoke is easy and his burden is light."  And above all that God is a god of love, peace and joy....and these things are not dependent on our circumstances.  He is good when life is unkind.  He loves us when we are smothered by sin.  He is kind to us even when we don't deserve it.

Yes, circumstances were dire.  But a friend prayed a believing prayer--a bold prayer.  A powerful prayer. And God rode the winds and made it to my house before I did.  Relief.  It was so unexpected and it was so completely 'impossible'--but with God? All things are possible.  I must renew that prayer daily so that my faith doesn't falter.  So that Satan doesn't get a toe hold.  So that I do not become too comfortable or too complacent.  So that I do not credit any one or any thing with having made this change.  So that each day I put my family and  household securely into his hands....never doubting.  Never fearful.  A journey of a thousand miles begins with  a single step.  Each day is another step in God's direction.  He is the conductor.  The stars and angels sing in response to his goodness.  And Lord, never ever let me forget to say "thank you."
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