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Sunday, December 13, 2015

For Lack of a Plan

Many a cause has flickered out of sight for lack of a plan.
If you aim at NOTHING; you are bound to attain it.

I've been finding myself in a free fall spiritually.  Not too long ago I was attempting to read the entire Bible in 90 days.  That means I was reading close to 20 chapters a day.  Sound  unattainable?  yes it was.  But I did successfully -in a very short time--read the entire Old Testament.  And then, because I had been back tracking so as not to miss any of the Bible....I did fine as long as they keep the reading plan online.  But then they took it off of the internet and plan to restart it on Jan 1st.  They really should have had a way to personalize it and go at your own pace.   But they didn't.  For awhile I attempted to forge on ahead.  I got through Matthew and Mark.  And then I crashed and burned.  I foundered for a while.  And eventually it took a back seat..... And then......I put it in the trunk.

And now?  All kinds of unholy attitudes are popping up. And my language has taken a nose dive.  And as is prayer life has bottomed.   I still pray when I need help.  And God still answers.   And yes that makes me feel guilty because he is faithful when I am not.

So what is the solution?  A Plan.
I do want to finish the New Testament.  So maybe I just need to assign myself a certain attainable number of chapters in a day.    I need to decide though if it's going to be a precursory reading or an in depth one.  There is a lot of meat here in the NT.  I don't want to miss out on that.  So maybe one chapter a day is a good amount.And I have those Bible copying books.  I have the remainder of Romans and then all of the book of Psalms.---that is four volumes worth.  And I do also want to read a devotional book.  Maybe it's time to repeat "My Utmost for His Highest" again.  It's been several years since my last reading....long enough for me to have forgotten the whole book.  And speaking of memory program is fearfully  behind.  So can I take on this much ?  I've done it before. the problem is WHEN?  My first things in the morning are chats.   If I push the chats  back an hour and get myself conscious an hour ahead of that, that makes a two hour slot........and that should be adequate.

Here's the plan:
  • Bible Reading: One chapter beginning in Luke
  • Prayer-
  • Devotional
  • Bible copying
  • Memory verse work

I'm afraid this will not all fit in to a two hour slot.  But I need to try it on for size to see if it fits.  I know it is ambitious.....I'm going by what I used to do when my heart was on fire.  Maybe it can be re-kindled.  Maybe once again the Lord will be my husband, lover and my Master. Maybe once again my heart will be made pure by the washing of the Word.

My next post will be my experiences this year in regard to the word God gave me for this last year.  
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