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Friday, November 13, 2015

Snake Oil

I wish I had $5 for every person who has told me to try such and such for my RA (Rheumatoid Arthritis).  Rubbing coconut oil on my joints.  Sniffing pepper, Drinking coconut oil.  These and other equally ridiculous things are commonly  suggested to an RA sufferer by people who are well-meaning, but completely ignorant of health or science.  So this is what I would like to post after hearing yet another ridiculous idea:

Dr Joel Fuhrman, a medical and research doctor and author and creator of the "EAT TO LIVE" food plan, claims to have some success in treating Autoimmune Diseases such as RA and MS.  But even he, who has changed the lives of thousands for the healthier, does not claim to be able to treat every single case of these disorders.  He said if you were diagnosed years ago and have run the gamut of medications and IV meds, or those who are suffering from extreme cases where much damage has already occurred.: then there is less hope that you can treat the disease via diet alone.  However, his food plan can greatly reduce inflammation and therefore, pain.  I do believe this ideas do not depart from what is scientifically provable or that they are based on anything but good nutritional science.

I know some people who suffer from RA ---Like Kelly Young--the RA WARRIOR,  claim that there is NOTHNG to be gained by Naturopathic or nutritional measures.  However Dr Fuhrman's ideas area solidly grounded in science and medicine.  His results are provable by blood laboratory  results, and imaging modalities as well as are evidenced by reduction of pain and an increase in fitness and general wellness.

So no. This is not snake oil. This is science.  And Dr Fuhrman will be the first to reveal the coconut oil fallacies and ridiculousness that abounds concerning the uses of this fat.  And that's what it is. And when you ingest it? Guess what? IT'S STILL FAT...that enters your cells unchanged in form from the form in which you consumed it.  It is not used by the body. It is STORED on the body.  And no thanks, I don't like jelly rolls.

If you are interested in reading one or more of Dr Fuhrman's book, go to or look for his books on Amazon.  The most important one to read first is EAT to LIVE , After that take your pick among titles....they are all good.This was not supposed to start out as a commercial for Dr Fuhrman...I just wanted to shine light on the difference between hogwash and science.  Even for science that is out of the norm or which is unfamiliar to medical practitioners.

There are other doctors as well who espouse LifeStyle Medicine.  Dr MacDougal , my friend, Dr David Katz.  You can google any of those names (I may have spelled "MacDougal" incorrectly) and read what they have to say about food as medicine.  These are no slouches trying to make a buck by writing books.  They are highly trained from universities such as Yale Medical School and they have a burden to help the sickly, fat, weak and unhealthy average American.

So, finally: keep your coconut oil to yourself  and your leeches for bleeding and any other weird ideas that abound.  I'm doing my very best to get well. I've lost 30 lbs so far and have quite a ways to go...I'm exercising and am eating right.  I do not know if the ETL program will help my RA, PsA and Sjogrens get any better.  I'm pretty advanced and my diseases are still active.  But I will give it my best shot.  At the very least it will bring my cholesterol down and clean out whatever plaque is in my arteries. And I will soon be looking much better also as all this steroid weight leaves my body, yet again.

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