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Saturday, July 4, 2015

Hospital Tid-Bits

It was pointed out to me that it has been quite a while since my last post.  I'm all confused about dates...but i know that about three weeks ago I was in the hospital for 8 days with a bad case of asthma.  Then I was home for around a week, doing the steroid taper...but when I got almost to the end of the taper, my asthma came back full force and I was admitted back into the hospital.  So I have been here, struggling with lung crackles, rhonchi, wheezes and whistles.  My pulmonologist  is back on duty after being away and he has told me to hang out until next week , which I would have anyway because I'll be danged if I'm going to come back a third time.  I kind of knew last time that I wasn't fully recovered but the doctors all said my  lungs were clear.  I knew they were not. I never got rid of that crappy cough in between these two visits.

I do not have any deep thought to share with you and not even any funny hospital happenings.  I'm just sitting here waiting from one meal to another....steroids this time are making me hungry....During my last stay I lost 5 lb and then another 3.  But this time I don't think I will be so fortunate.  I had already started to regain two pounds before even coming back.

I have a great App on my kindle (also available ios ) called "Spiritual Typer" and it is a Bible memory method to help a person to retain Bible passages.  For a while I kept the free version --not really knowing much about what the pro-version offers.   So the other day I invested   $10 into the "Pro"version,  I had some trouble loading it and had to delete my whole program, get refunded by Amazon and then reload the whole thing.  It took me working on it all last night to get both accounts merged so that I did not lose any of my data. It is also supposed to have an audio player and recorder so that you might make audio files of your verses and that function was working yesterday....however sometime, it stopped working and  now I only get an error message which is disappointing.  It has a gadget that lets you draw pictures to illustrate your verses as well.  pretty cool.  And best of all it lets you have limitless verses on it to memorize ...the freebie only allowed storage of 50 verses so I was already over my limit.  OK that is my TV commercial for the day.

Thanks to the friends who have entertained me ("spammed me") and kept me in touch with their lives, across the country and across the world.  Thanks to those who offer sympathy and prayers and to those who make me guffaw into my pillow.  Yes, it "sucks to be me" but there are those who help to make that whole prescription more fun.
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