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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Some Reviews on my Book

Here are a few of the reviews of my book, Treasure from Darkness, released last September and available for purchase on Amazon, Treasures from Darkness - paperback,
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You will not experience the raw, unfiltered journey of a person dealing with mental illness any more clearly than you can here. Cynthia does not present her history here in polished form, but gives you a first person account that brings you a perspective that is very real and at times somewhat uncomfortable. You may wonder why she makes the choices she does, or how she could let certain events take place. These revelations make her account honest, imperfect, and completely in need of a grace only faith can bring. This book does not speak only to those who live through similar experiences, but reveals a bit of insight for anyone who loves and knows someone who has struggled with any number of illnesses that leave you in the darkness looking for a little light. 

This story is one that, once you start reading, you will not want to put down. Right from the outset, Cynthia draws the reader into her life by giving snapshots from her childhood up to the present. Her story is riveting, sometimes dark and always fascinating. The difficulty of diagnosing mental illness, the often unkind treatment of patients in psychiatric facilities, the physical, emotional, social and financial stress is difficult for most of us to fully comprehend. Cynthia has unveiled her life, allowing us to see and experience her frustration. She has become transparent and thereby we can feel her pain as she deals with lack of self-worth and thoughts of suicide. My tears flowed freely. Such is the life of a person with schizophrenia. But she knows that God is always there, that He has not abandoned her and that He loves her!
This book is a must-read. It is not delightful and charming; it is gut-wrenching and sad but so worth reading. We need to understand mental illness for what it is. It is a disease - something that is not the fault of the individual. My first thought after I finished reading Treasures from Darkness is that I must read it again. I learned so much and believe that I will learn even more the second time around.
Thank you Cynthia for sharing yourself and the hope of Christ that is available to all who reach out to Him.

 This book is a series of snap shots, told by a gifted writer and artist openly and with humor explaining her life with schizophrenia. By 11 grade she hears a voice,and in short tine voices that increase in strength and plunge her into dark places. There were many stays in hospitals,mental intitutions, and group homes. She questions why a God would let this happen to her and often wishes to die. Of these times over many years she has some very vivid memories and no memory of others. In her late 20' she marries and has a daughter. Then there are physical pains of many types and more hospital stays. She continues her conversations with God,and slowly lets him enter her life and begins to feel his light. The fact that Cynthia wrote this book and got it published is a great accomplishment . In doing so she gives a gift to the many others with mental and physical problems who feel alone. She gives the gift of hope.Check out her

Having first met Cynthia Lott in 1985 or 1986 in CT, I have often wondered how she is. She was very special, highly intelligent and an immensely talented artist. Her paintings fascinated me and her illness saddened me greatly. It seemed (and was) so very unfair. I am glad to know that she is alive and doing her very best to keep going. What an amazing spirit and will to survive she has shown. Few people could do what Cynthia has done in life. I never forgot meeting her, enjoyed talking to her and always (for years) wished her the best help possible. That is a hard thing to accomplish in the mental health field where there are so many misdiagnoses, professionals who are less than well themselves and far too many of the wrong prescriptions given. I wish her peace and congratulations on this--another accomplishment. Check out her work---her paintings are really special. She is a true artist. 

This is an incredible depiction of Cynthia’s schizophrenic life. This book is a must read and will appeal to not only those suffering from depression but to the many family members supporting a loved one who is undergoing any mental illness. Usually such personal and sorrowful details would never have been shared even with close family members let alone the general public but she has chosen to put herself under scrutiny in order to assist other patients, their family members and even the clinical caregivers. Be aware though, that once you begin to share Cynthia’s reality, it will be difficult to put down her book until you have finished the journey. Finally, her book is also a testament to the unlimited love of Christ for his “eye is truly on the sparrow” (Luke 6-7). God bless your family members and friends for their persevering love and support. Cynthia, may God continue to be your strength, as you navigate the maze of twists and turns described in “Treasures from Darkness”.
Truely inspiring read. A life-long journey with illness, not overcome, but made richer by faith. I couldn't stop turning the pages of this true autobiography. I finished it in just two sittings. Highly recommended.

All of the above reviewers gave my book, Treasures from Darkness, five out of five stars.  Thank you so much to those of you who have read my book and taken the time to write a review.  For those of you in the Milford PA area, on May  21st I will be having a book reading/signing at the Pike County Library in the two of Milford (on Harford Street), beginning at 7:00 pm.  Hope to see you there!
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