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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Up and Coming....

I have some great news. 
I have noticed that my numbers of visitors here have been flagging.  And it occurred to me that people who read have maybe gotten sick of my thoughts day after day ....It also occurred to me that I have not talked very much lately about Sz (schizophrenia) and maybe there are those of you are lookng for that and are not finding it.  So I had the inspiration of asking some of my friends online who have SZ to write a blogpost on the topic of their experiences with living with SZ.  I have three people who have agreed to do it thus far and there are two people whom I asked who have not responded to my invitation yet.  I really hope they agree to do this because they are people who have struggled greatly but who have overcome and  done well in life despite dealing with this awful disease.

So stay tuned for that...Check back ....most of the people I've asked have requested a week to write their post.
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