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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Peaceful Weekend

WHY?  Because I'm the only one at home.  For the second weekend in a row my daughter and husband are away at a movie marathon for two nights and three days both weekends. Last weekend I felt the emptiness of the house. I was very lonely.  But I found some peace with a purring furball on my lap and who shadowed my every step.  I also had a wonderful time of devotional reading, catching up on a book I was reading and had some lovely "conversation" with one of the mental health professionals that cared for me back in 1985 or 86 in CT.  She tracked me down on the internet and found my book and then left a "review " on Amazon which was more than kind....we exchanged a few comments and she really left me feeling very nice.   It was amazing to me that anyone could have seen through those horrific symptoms of the illness and found someone to admire and to remember for all these years.

This weekend I planned things to do that I could look forward to.  So yesterday I made a bracelet and a watch bracelet.  I had purchased the materials to do that on eBay and Etsy and had not found a chunk of time sufficient to take them out and mess with them.   I will make another bracelet or two today. This morning I finished knitting a cover for my Swiffer mop to replace those cheesy and expensive refills.
I also have been reading "Letters from Prison" by Dietrich Bonhoeffer.  It seemed to me that --given the news these days--it is important to read  the wisdom of a man imprisoned by an evil regime and who was eventually executed.  His words are so relevant to our situation....I found something that he said interesting.  He said that two things contributed to the state of affairs in Nazi Germany. One was the folly of fools and the other, the horror of evil.  He said, of the two, folly is the more dangerous.  Evil will generally be extinguished  by the "good" but folly goes unrecognized and unchecked.

That led me to question the definition of folly and of foolishness.  And what I found related to my Scripture reading lately. I've been working my way through Romans and in the  first chapter there are several references to foolishness.  And there is also the verse which I believe is in Proverbs, "The fool says in his heart, that there is no God."  I believe our situation here in America is one more of Folly than of blatant evil.  However both evil and folly are moral "wrongs" and, as such, punishable by God. Bonhoeffer commented that folly is sociologically driven.  Maybe at some point I will coalesce my findings into an article and may put it here on this blog.

Anyway, my weekend has been spent looking into that and studying.  Today I MUST address the mountain of dirty dishes in the kitchen.  I can only stand to do a very few at a time due to low back pain.  I had a nice breakfast of buckwheat pancakes and now am about to do "Penuel" (my name for "quiet time"--Penuel means "the face of God" and since these are the times when I get a clearer glimpse of God I call it Penuel.).  I also filled the dishrack with clean dishes so once they dry I will tackle the remaining ones.

So that is my weekend.  I am in the house a lot.  Alone a lot.  I'm glad that I had reserved some things to occupy myself with for this long weekend.  I will be praying that my husband and daughter make it home through the snow or ice or whatever it is we are supposed to have.  May God bless your weekend.  Stay busy with things you love to do. Surround yourself with the people you love and don't forget---if weather allows you to get to a house of worship--give it a go.  In the political and societal.climate these days  we all need to hear God's word and to meet with our corporate Body.
God bless.
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