How Great is Our God in HEBREW,

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

A Joyous Send-off Party

I had the best time yesterday.  Where was I ? At a party?  Well, almost. I was at the viewing of a man who was my choir director's (from high school at my church) husband.  He collapsed two days ago and suddenly was gone--that quickly he found himself at heaven's gates.  I'm  sure in heaven he was experiencing on a large scale what we were on a smaller scale. People flooded in....people my age bringing their children and in some cases their children's children ... I met people who were my parents' age who now are elderly.    And  I was introduced to a whole generation of "children" whom I remember in their car grown and some having kids of their own.  I embraced people whom I 'd known as a child but had only recently befriended on Facebook.

Pete, the deceased lay - looking nothing at all like he once had--overseeing the celebration on his behalf.  He watched from heaven and approved of the levity in that room.  I hope my funeral is like that--a big send off party.

What a family we have in Christ.: to meet people you haven't seen for twenty years ---and it is just like you had seen them only yesterday.  The love in that room was palpable; the joy, tangible; the  hope visible. It was the celebration of a race well run.  The celebration of a life only just now beginning.

I imagine in heaven Pete was meeting up with his parents and grandparents....with many others who had gotten there before him..maybe meeting some people who were there in heaven because of his life  That is my most fervent hope.   I hope to meet in heaven the family I have no idea about.  People who were there because of my witness or example.  How wonderful will that be?

I know that my funeral will be hard on my daughter....she does not yet have the hope I have.  But I hope when I am gone my friends will minister to her; I hope by my joyous funeral, that the reality of heaven will be manifested to her...and to my husband also,  OH DEATH WHERE IS THEY STING;  O GRAVE WHERE IS THY VICTORY??  Death is gluttonous , but it holds  no power over those of us who's names are in the Lamb's Book of Life.  For us death is merely a step into the next glorious reality.

Thank you Pete for modeling to us with your life the reality of heaven and showing us what a man can be like when Jesus rules his actions and mouth. Thanks for your jokes and quips...for your care for your family.   For your love for us, your friends and family.

I know his family will miss him...once the friends and family leave, that void will be there for his wife and kids....but they do not mourn as those who have no hope. They know they will be seeing their dad/husband/friend once again....and maybe not too long from now!
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