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Sunday, February 22, 2015

An Important Letter

I got a letter today which I want to share with you.  If you are or know anyone who is a worker in the mental health field. ...Please get this letter to them and consider then purchasing my book, Treasures from Darkness, available on Amazon, Barnes and Nobel and Christian Book Distributors (CBD).

The letter is from my aunt who used to be a psych nurse for part of her employment.

Dear Cindy,
You just called me so I am starting this letter over.  It was good to hear your voice.  ... I was very impressed with your writing skill.  It isn't every writer who can use the right words to make the reader actually feel the meaning of the writing.  And I did feel it.  I actually had to read it in short periods to avoid being overcome by sadness.  Sad that anyone has to go through a lifetime of illness, let alone someone you love.

Not having experienced anything like this, I 've not been as understanding of what my patients were going through. As in the letter,  I wish I could have read this when I had psych patients.  You made me feel the fear and confusion they were expressing in their behavior.  I guess I interpreted this as aggression or "acting out."  I hope a lot of today's medical staff, currrently caring for psych patients, find your book and learn from it.

This must have been a very hard book to write.  No wonder it took 4 years!  I don't think I would be that brave to expose myself in four lifetimes! You are commended for being that courageous.  Dredging up the past is very hard for anyone, like reliving the events a second time.  It just shows how strong you really are to endure.  And to think you've kept your faith throughout is really remarkable.

Now that I know what you were dealing with.....I'll never forget the encouragement you sent me. Thank you!!

Take care and stay strong. You are much loved,
Aunt Donna.
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