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Saturday, November 15, 2014

When the Future is Frightening---Walking in the Valley

"I know who holds my future, and I know he holds my hand"....Remember that song?  Back in the 1970's it was popular, but that line is one that I have "pondered in (my) heart" many times since.  My future is rather bleak with an illness that is destroying all my joints and constant back pain from a degenerative spine as well as the damage caused by psoriatic spondylitis.  Walking is getting more and more painful.  Assisted living  is not an option due to lack of finances.  I also face possible widowhood because of my husband's cardiac issues.           

But I know Who holds my future....and I know He holds my hand.   We were not promised comfort in this life.  In fact we are told that we would struggle and that people would hate us.  People on the other side of the globe have had to leave their homes and belongings and flee, often with just the clothes on their backs because they worship the Lord Jesus.  When I think of their suffering, I feel encouraged.   If they can keep their faith under such pressure, then certainly I can.  And if God  provides for them, then certainly, He will provide for me.

I am honored that God found me worthy to share in the sufferings of his Son.  I pray that in them, he would perfect me: that my faith would grow strong and immovable; that I would respond with sensitivity to those I encounter who suffer and struggle; that I would do everything possible to encourage the Persecuted Church;  that I would only see my blessings and that my suffering would pale next to the joy given to me by my Savior; that God would enable me to finish my second book and that it would be of great comfort to others who suffer disability and illness.

I do not mean to set myself up as some kind of martyr.  I am far from perfect and I do not yet have this suffering thing "down" yet. ...I get impatient. I struggle with self pity.  I am not patient with myself nor with others.  I think my word of the month should be "Yield"...yield my rights.  yield my worry.  yield my impatience....just simply "hand it over."  I do not have any "rights" - I am not excused from suffering.  I cannot expect anything from others and the sooner I learn that, the happier I will be.

I need to lean hard on my Partner in Suffering: Jesus the Messiah.  He can show me how it's done.  And the best thing is that I know that no matter what I go through in this life...what kind of pain or injustice....he is here.  He is holding my hand.

24 When he falls, he will not be hurled headlong,
Because the Lord is the One who holds his hand.

Psalm 37:24 (NASB)

26 “There is none like the God of Jeshurun,
Who rides the heavens to your help,
And through the skies in His majesty.
27 “The eternal God is a dwelling place,
And underneath are the everlasting arms;
Deuteronomy 33:26-28 (NASB)
With promises like that, where is there any room for fear or anxiety?


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