How Great is Our God in HEBREW,

Sunday, November 2, 2014


I want to take advantage of  November, the month of give thanks to God for his many blessings.    I will add to this post daily throughout the month of November.

1)  Thankful that I can be freed not to work when I 'm not able to , by the help of the Federal Gov't who gives me monthly disability money.  I'm not for big gov't...but it is a blessing to have them help in this manner.

2) for the warm kitty who is sleeping on my feet. She keeps me smiling.

3)  For a nice comfy bed for a sick me.  I love my bed....any one else?  Thank God for it!

4) For antibiotics which have saved my life countless times....and maybe this time too.

5) For parents who brought me up in the "fear and admonition of Christ"--and not to forget his Love.

6) For a great time with my friend last evening, scouring the racks at the Salvation Army Family Store.

7) For a warm house when it's cold outside.  Thank you Jesus.

8) For the fact that my daughter has moved beyond her misery and has found some joy.

9) For my church those people!!

(Please forgive me....I forgot about this project for several days. )

15) For my dad.  He is my hero.

16) Grateful for my computer and my Kindle Fire.  They connect me with the world outside these four walls.

17) Grateful that Shop Rite delivers!! This has been the single most helpful thing in my life at the present time.  It saves me searching for a ride and it saves me from struggling to get around the store to buy what I needed.
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