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Friday, November 14, 2014

Book Update

I get report after report of people who have gotten their hands on my book and who have been mesmerized by my story.  They say they cannot put it down.  To me that is incomprehensible.  Of course, I've lived with the book for four years so to me, some of its "magic" has palled.  But I am delighted when I hear of how it is challenging, encouraging, and educating people as they enter my world through my story.  Sometimes I wonder if I was foolish to self publish....maybe the book would have gotten more readers had I gone to a traditional publisher.   And yet, it so much seemed to be God's leading to self publish when I got a phone call one day from a friend who said that God put it on her heart to pay for me to publish my story.  So I have to just trust that this is the road God has opened for me to travel.  I do not know how it is faring on Amazon or Xulon or Barnes and Noble's sites.  I get reports here and there of people buying the book....sometimes buying two books, one for them and one to share.

This is amazing to me that God has taken my words and my story and is touching the lives of those who read it. 

I have a second book's in its infancy but I think it will be a powerful book as well.  It is a devotional written for married couples when one of the partners suffers from chronic illness.  I confess that I have not worked on it nearly enough yet.  So far it  is just a "fleshy" outline.  Maybe I should take these early morning hours when I'm waiting for the rest of the world to wake up and use them to work on that project.

Anyway.  If you have purchased "Treasures:" thank  you.  Spread the word about it, if you would.  I am praying that God would put it in the hands of those people who need to read it.  And if you live in the NE PA area, on Dec 4th at the Pike County Public Library at 6;30 PM, I am holding a book signing and reading.  Come out and join the fun!  If you already have a copy of the book, bring it with  you and I will sign it....or you may purchase it there at the signing.
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