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Sunday, October 12, 2014

What can you do?

It is also breast cancer awareness month (or week, not sure which)....and as badly as I feel for those with breast cancer, and as awful a disease as that is....those who suffer with it are considered to be heroes....and millions of dollars are raised each year to continue to seek treatment options. 
On the other hand, those who suffer with mental illness, suffer with it for the rest of their lives. SZ in particular strikes at the time of life when a person is just beginning to become an adult and is beginning to undertake the pursuit of his or her goals in life.  Not only is their life destroyed by the disease, they often have to bear intolerable stigma.  They will be referred to as "crazy" "lunatic" and worse.  No one will want to  be around them.  People are needlessly frightened of them.  They suffer horrors at the hands of police enforcement and mental health facilities.  They have very little chance at a love life and have to live with the knowledge that, should they have a child, they are very likely passing on the disease that has robbed them of a normal, fulfilling life.

Some people, like myself, who once were bright and at the tops of their college or high school classes who had every possibility for high achievement in life, find themselves losing intelligence and even reading a book becomes a huge challenge....and completing a college course becomes an impossibility.  And worst of all they are treated as though they were mentally challenged .

To learn more about the reality of mental illness and what someone with Schizophrenia experiences, why not purchase my book, newly released, that tells my story and also explains more about this disease and maybe will enable you to treat people with mental illness with more understanding.
This is the link for my book on Amazon., however will not be available on Amazon until the 22nd of  October.  You may pre-order or go directly to Xulon's site (and in doing this not only can you get the book faster, I will get a greater royalty.

It is also available on Barnes and Noble's site but I am unsure of when B&N will get their stock in.

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