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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Next Stage: PRINTING

I finally proofread the galleys and made some corrections. Now the next step is for Xulon Press to print that bad boy, so that readers like you can get your hands on my no-holds-barred story of the rocky road of my life ---the years of mental illness, multiple hospital stays in psychiatric wards, the break down of my physical health years of rejecting God and where that led me....and the years back to my shepherd's shoulders as he carried this wayfaring lamb back to the pastures where he can keep me safe from predators and that roaring lion that seeks to kill and destroy the lambs of God.

I know that portions of this book are hard to get through.  I know for example that my dad has been unable to read it because of the incredible pain to our family that those years brought to us.  Another friend who has a bipolar son attempted to read the book and had to put it was too close to home.  It also holds some graphic scenes involving self injury so if you find that disturbing you may have to just skip a page or two. None of the scene are very long.  But as the editors who reviewed the book at the printers say:

Manuscript’s Strengths

  • Throughout the manuscript, the author uses excellent imagery. There are consistent, original descriptions used to “paint the picture” for the reader. This is unfortunately what a lot of authors do not know how to do, so it is truly a huge strength for the book as a whole.
  • Structurally, the book is well organized. There are appropriate chapter designations, paragraphs, and the book flows in a chronological order.
  • Though some parts of this book may be difficult for some readers to endure, it all is part of the whole, which is a powerful story that shows the sovereignty of God, even through the darkest times. 

That was such a critical point that I wanted to bring out in this book....that in our very worst nightmares; in times of absolute distress, God is HERE with us. He uses a variety of means: a police guard, a dog, a house keeper in a hospital.....He is not at a loss in any way for ways to cut through the ice of our exteriors and to thaw our frozen hearts with his love. 

The cost of the book will be $14.99 plus shipping.  Stay tuned and I will give you more details on how to get your copy once it is closer to  completion.
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