How Great is Our God in HEBREW,

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Crash! Bang.! SOAK 'em UP!!

On Saturday,my husband called me down to the basement where there was water on the floor.  (we had a $250 leak, but that's another story.)  I turned to go back up the stairs...I lifted my foot to take the first step onto a landing and I'm not sure what happened...but I was on the floor and my coffee cup had flown from my hand...I hurt.and most of all I was scared. When you have as many artificial joints as I do, falling is something you REALLY should avoid.  I huddled up and cried. My husband said, "go upstairs, I'll clean up the coffee" Which is as close to tenderness as it gets these days.  I knew what was coming...and I was right. "You belong in a nursing home."

My daughter cleaned and bandaged my cuts and we counted the bruises.  The worst effect is my neck. It hurts all the time now and when I turn my head, it cracks...LOUDLY.

This whole week has been a wake-up call. I cannot get even half way through a small pile of dishes without my lower back hurting like mad.  My hands have been so swollen and stiff they are just about useless.And yesterday my right foot suddenly hurt so badly I had to use my cane to even take a step.  I soaked my foot in my herbal mixture to eliminate or reduce pain. It's a mixture of herbs and Epsom salts.  I boiled some water and mixed up the herbs and soaked my foot and once again it was beneficial. I haven't had to use the cane since, nor have I had to re-soak.  I made a batch for my dad also and got him one of the feet buckets I got for myself.

Another day in the life of......
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