How Great is Our God in HEBREW,

Saturday, May 10, 2014

The Evening News

I have been doing some drawing on my tablet....I'm not thrilled with the results but at least I put out an effort.
I've been struggling with keeping my head in place as far as food goes. Tonight will be a big struggle. I had some frozen yogurt which was not terribly high in calories but it did bring me almost right to my limit for the day.  Which means I'm set up for a problem tonight.  I didn't allow myself any leeway.  I could maybe have one muffin but will I be able to keep it at that?

I"m going to do an "experiment" (which hopefully does not equal "putting God to the test).  Honestly I think God is standing at the sidelines, wondering when I will call him  to bat for me. I have never really prayed about NES or my night time forages in the kitchen.  Tonight I am going to ask him to make me super sound asleep and if I get up, make me too sleepy to want to go to the kitchen.

Lord, make it seem like an enormous amount of work to take out that muffin and nuke it.   No matter how you choose to address the problem Lord I don't need to tell you how to do it.  I just ask you to please help me to have self control. Help me Lord to honor you in my body.

I weighed myself today. No gains, no losses. Time to begin to get more serious.  I need to overcome my fear of an asthma attack so that I can begin to exercise.

I'm still waiting on my insurance company's approval to start the new drug - injectible super-charged version of Methotrexate. I really hope it helps.

I wrote my mom a long letter today.  Bared my heart and thanked her for a number of things.  She and my dad came over today....I took her out to pick out a hanging plant for Mother's Day.  And then I treated at Yo-Cups frozen yogurt restaurant.  On her way out the door when she kissed me goodbye she whispered, "Thank you for the letter."

Happy Mom's Day mom. I love you.
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