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Thursday, May 15, 2014

The Big One

Last night for the first time I tried Melatonin as I heard it is beneficial for NES (see the past couple of entries ).  I got up twice.  There was really nothing in the house to eat so I had a slice of deli turkey and swiss cheese--no bread.   And the next time I got up I had about 5 Ritz whole wheat crackers.

The interesting part came this AM. I tried very hard to get up at my normal time but ended up sleeping til 9:30 which is UNHEARD of. I think that the combination of having no food in the house and post poning my ingestion of whatever it is I find to eat...should work wiht the Melatonin...because there would be no way I could wake up and wait fifteen - thirty minutes before snacking.  I would fall sound asleep.

So tonight that will be my goal.

Today my neck is hurting incredibly badly.   It sounds like it's going to snap right off when I turn my head.  And this morning my right hand was more than twice it's normal size. I am not looking forward to cooking dinner. Standing and cutting and peeling veggies will be torturous.  I could use frozen veggies 1) I'm not sure I have them and 2) I need to make use of my fresh veggies as they are  going to go bad soon. and 3) they are better for you when they are fresh....although I have heard some evidence to the contrary on that.

I was going to go to see my doctor's partner yesterday...I've finished my steroid taper (12) days and the asthma is still an issue. BUt on reflection I decided I really am not bad enough to need to be in the hospital. Of course I am vulnerable to a bad attack at any moment....But I am going to wait...either for the "big one" or for things to mellow down.  Right now, I know there is not much else they can do for me.  However, yesterday I was wheezing and gasping and I tried to do a nebulizer and the motor ran but it did not produce any mist.So a bunch of phone calls later, and I'm awaiting delivery of a new one today. It's a very vulnerable feeling to know that should "the big one" come, I am completely without recourse.

So I am praying to avoid a hospital stay and all the weightgain that would entail.
Please also pray for my daughter Alexa (age 22)...she is facing some real scary health issues. Thanks
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