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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Another,BETTER Announcement

In my last post, I made a huge mistake.I assumed that having a career as a writer and having a blog where you share your heart for free are opposites and cannot coincide.  I was very wrong about that.
This blog is who I am...all of the flaws,inconsistencies, humor, struggles and pain.  All of it is me.  And I owe you, my readers, a continuing look into my mind and my art.

Not only that....I believe this is not a parasitic relationship but rather one of symbiosis. I help you--by diverting you, amusing you, giving you food for thought and allowing you glimpses into my mind and heart....and in return you help me by reflecting back to me, what has helped you most in my writing,  what is good....worthy...and plain old ridiculous.  And the fact that  you come back for more makes me feel really good.

Not only keep me writing.  Today I wrote something that I thought was pretty good. Normally I would have typed out my URL and gone to work putting thatarticle up here for you to enjoy. But because of my announcement the other day that I was shutting down the blog, the only place I had for that baby I'd delivered was a folder in my documents file.  And that made me sad....I LIKE sharing my thoughts with you.   And no, it does not immediately pay financially. But if I start working a little harder and putting together more articles...well then, when they are published I will alert you and you can go and read them or buy them....

It's important for a writer to have connections with a group of people to follow their work. And even if there is no one reading this...I still benefit by keeping the words and thoughts flowing.  So me me impetuous, call me what you like....I cannot abandon this blog. For too many years it has been a part of my life...I cannot simply walk away from that --or from you.

So please forgive me for not thinking my decision out well enough before broadcasting it.  I realize this is a bit embarrassing.   Please keep on reading. And I will keep on writing.  Someday the financial rewards may come. If not; there will just be this blog covering 5 or 6 years of my life taking up this little corner of cyberspace saying to all the world, like graffiti on a cliff.  "Cynthia was Here!"

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