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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

In Hospital--AGAIN

The day that I wrote my last post (4 days ago Nov1)  I started to cough and have trouble breathing.  I called on Monday to the doc's office and he put me on oral steroids.  However yesterday (Wed the 5th)  my wheezing was audible....My husband had been telling me for days to go to the hospital. Yesterday was the first day I  was convinced.  I called my doctor's office and the nurse knew I was in trouble...she could hear the wheezes over the phone.

So here I am at the brand new medical center where my husband works. On boatloads of medicine...Regretting that I'd just made two jars of soy yogurt in my fridge at home.  It should last for a week or two....maybe longer.  I guesstimate that I will be in here for a week at least.  Less than that would be fine but I know it's important to slowly wean me from the steroids to avoid terrible pain. I hope I do not end up with too much muscle damage from the steroids...I don't want to have to go to rehab after this.  That would just suck. 

The holidays are coming and even though that does not mean as much in my home as I would like....I still look forward to them.  I even look forward to our wacky ritual of going out for sushi for Thanksgiving at a nice restaurant and then going to a movie.  Last year we went to see "Lincoln" and we all enjoyed it.  This year there may be a different boyfriend accompanying my  daughter....although I don't know...she may abscond to his house, which would make us very sad.

I guess I should begin my Christmas shopping
I have NO idea what anyone wants...even  me....Not sure at all.  Must mean I don't need anything. I was just reading a review of SparkPeople's new activity counter called "The Spark" and it automatically tracks your days activities and the calories you burned and it wirelessly downloads the info onto Sparks trackers online.  It sounds painless  and  accurate. And it save a lot of work spent  tracking.  Maybe that will motivate me to get moving again.

For now, my pain is diminishing!! I think that the Actemra is working!!  Even my destroyed shoulders are not hurting...even when typing in bed.  My hands are only slightly sore....I think my SI is still an issue as is my neck. But all in all I'm very happy.   Still suffer from fatigue but have not  been napping quite as much.  I still sleep for 10-11 hours at night...but that's okay.  If you call me at 8:00 PM and I sound grouchy or out of it, you'll know you called too late. But with the  diminished pain I am really hoping to get moving again.  Of course the first order of business is to get the asthma taken care of...Right now I can't walk the 5 feet into my bathroom even WITH oxygen on.

So this is an update.  I have a question for  YOU....What do you want for Christmas? I don't guarantee that I will send it to you but maybe your ideas will inspire me.

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