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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Review of Matt Chandler's newest book, "TO Live is Christ; to Die is Gain"

To Live Is Christ to Die Is GainTo Live Is Christ to Die Is Gain by Matt Chandler

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This is another"winner" by Matt Chandler.  Honestly, when I saw the title of this book I thought that it would discuss death and Matt Chandler's brain cancer which certainly would have fit right in with this verse in Philippians.  However, it was only once, well into the book, that Rev. Chandler mentions his cancer and proximity to death   However the book is on the Epistle to the Philippians and other books by the apostle Paul. 

He examines the many ways in which we as believers need to learn contentment despite any loss, lack or other difficulty and even during times of blessing and plenty.  Using the church at Philippi as the poster child for how church should be...Paul speaks to them with thanks and warm words....even while instructing two women who were at odds with each other, he speaks with affection.

In the church of the United States there are many things that we need to get serious about.   I believe that the church in the Sudan puts the Church of America to shame when it comes to being content with their lot.  People who are suffering intense persecution and hardship know the lesson of gratitude and contentment.  And it is the church here in North America who needs to hear these words...The time is coming when we will face our maker and must give an account for our attitudes and actions.  This book calls us to take these things seriously and to learn the lessons of gratitude and contentment.

Paul's life --as portrayed by Matt Chandler--was the least likely to bring the fruit of contentment.
Paul suffered intensely --as did John and the other disciples  and yet he says with all sincerity, "I have learned to be content in all circumstances, whether in plenty or in lack, in comfort or in pain,"...Paul is a model for us and a person cannot walk away from this book without being challenged to be thankful in every circumstances.

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