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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Fire-breathing DRAGONS

So, it has been a week since I posted.  Due to pain in my shoulder and neck I've had to drastically cut back on my typing time.  Just yesterday I ordered the DRAGON voice recognition software so I'm hoping , once I really learn how to use it, that I will be back up to speed.

Yesterday I got a call from the hospital where my husband works, which is where we have all our medical procedures.  The lady told me that my infusion was all approved now and they wanted me to come in on Friday morning.  I hope that they will find an IV site on me.  I have really REALLY bad veins. Ive had so many medical procedures : steroids and antibiotics, that my veins are thin and fragile...

Anyway.  The infusion is scheduled.  It's what I've been waiting for for over a year.  These drugs can make you quite sick.  However I've weathered the Methotrexate so far. Maybe I'll be lucky here too.
The other thing of which I will need to beware is that of infection. I cannot be around anyone who is sick or even has a cold.  This is the thing my old Infectious Disease doctor had told me would be the death of me.  He said I will get sepsis and I will die. (Nothing like a confidence booster, no?)

I know that I need a biologic. I'm putting my well-being into the hands of God.  If it proves to be the end of me, I pray that my family will understand.  I don't think they really have a clue how much pain I am in.  I can't deal with it anymore.  It's getting worse and worse. I understand the risk.  I do not want to end up needing a nursing home (and not having any financial  means of paying for one)...My family members are not willing to do all my personal care etc.  I need to take the  gamble that this med will give me back some quality of life...and if not, that God would treat me mercifully.
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