How Great is Our God in HEBREW,

Monday, September 23, 2013

Great News and Answered Prayers

I'm not sure when I last wrote or what I pardon me if I repeat or skip anything.
I've been sidelined since a week ago on Sunday with horrible pain and exhaustion  ...I suffered with it until last Friday I called the doc and he put me on a taper of medrol (which is a steroid). I was nervous about taking it because I do not normally respond well to steroids.  I tried going out on Saturday but exhausted myself and was in much pain ...Then today (MON)  I suddenly realized when I took a shower without my daughter's help that I had much more mobility and a reduction of pain.  The only things hurting now are my shoulders and my neck.  My lower back and the troublesome SI joint are all better.  Isn't that amazing?  This is the least pain I've had in many years.  It's sad because I will soon be off of the steroid taper and the pain will return.  However I am hoping that then they can quickly begin the Actemra and I will get some relief from that. 

If nothing works they may put me on long term steroids I imagine but I have problems with muscle damage when on long term steroids and it could mean having to go into a wheelchair again which is not an option because my house is not wheelchair friendly.   So if I'm on steroids, the minute I feel weakness, I have to get off of them quickly.

Today I did some light cleanup jobs around the house....and went out with my Case Manager.  Now I am tired.  I hope I can sleep tonight.  I think I will....I felt very energetic before but I'm fading fast so maybe there is a chance for me to sleep tonight.

I have nothing much else to report except that the day I got hit with this flare was the day following two consecutive days of prayer for me at church and with two friends.  I questioned God's timing...seemed rude of him to slap me wiht all this pain with the prayers still fresh in God's ears...but maybe he hurt me in order to bless me.  He was setting me up to have this vacation from pain...and it's a gift greatly welcomed.  Don't try to out guess God...we do not always know what he is doing...but his schedule is just right for us.  We just have to wait it out and see what's really the big picture.
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