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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Needs, Wants, and Have to Haves

I know I "owe" you all an entry here.  HOnestly I would write more except that I am suffering from poverty of thought and poverty of speech. Both are symptoms of SZ. I used to have so MUCH going on in my head.  I could sit down and write an article based on any topic..  Now?  Not so much.
I can tell you things that I've done lately.  Like yesterday I went with my daughter and her friend who is visiting from Michigan to a mall in NJ (about an hour from here).  I was happy because I haven't been in a mall for a very long time.  We were excited because there was a huge bookstore there and we were both pretty sure it was a Barnes and Nobel.  But shoot. When we got there it was GONE.  Yep it was a Borders and thus is GONE.  It's so completely unfair that the only bookstore  available anywhere is a Barnes and Nobel.  B&N is okay but it's not like Borders were you can sit and take a stack of books and try them out while sipping  latte. did I end up on a bookstore rant?  Oh yes.  The Mall.
Well this mall has a Teavana and I really wanted to go there. They have the best tea anywhere around but also many accoutrements   I got a glass mug with their logo etched into it.  I had the same much in a white dull ceramic finish but it rapidly got stained and then it fell out of the closet and got chipped.  The purpose for needing  a replacement of the same type of mug is that I  have an infuser that you sit on top of the mug and the tea just drains out of it (leaving the grounds behind) into your cup and this cup was designed for that  infuser.  Not to mention it's just a GREAT tea mug. Nice and big.

So that made me happy.  Plus  my daughter got a badly needed pair of shoes
 I love my daughter so much.  She is a really cool person...she's literate. She has a great sense of humor.  She's gorgeous....but doesn't believe she is. And she struggles...with agoraphobia, synesthesia and now  she has told me of one other struggle.  This struggle has the capacity to tower over all the other issues and it is one that hit me too close to home. My heart is aching as I think of what this could mean in her life. But yet I couldn't imagine my life without her.  It's true,she will and is suffering...But not to have her?  The world would ache from  the cavity she would have left in it were she never to have been born.  The world is more complete for having her in it.

I read a book which I  reviewed  in the post just prior to this.  And then I received an email from Voice of the Martyrs which is an organization whose purpose is to shine the light onto the sufferings of Christians around the globe and to make public the rapid and escalating rate of murders of those of a Christian faith.  They bring aid to the widows and orphans touched by those who have murdered a beloved family member...And this organization also brought aid to the efforts of Kimberly Smith(author of the book I reviewed) as she was in the Sudan building orphanages for the thousands of suffering children whose parents either had been killed or had abandoned them out of poverty.  This letter from VOM was for the purpose of raising funds for medical supplies in the Sudan where people are touched by famine and violence.  It was a topic so very close to my heart that I knew I had to contribute.  I already support a child in Swaziland and a family in the Philippines and my husband and I support a little girl in Kyrgyzstan .  I wanted to be a missionary.  I wanted to go there and serve...but since I can't...I can give.  I don't have a lot to give but I pray that God would expand my money to cover needs greater than the funds.  I would encourage your heart and your checkbooks and support ministries like Open Doors Ministries and Voice of the Martyrs (VOM)  ...The world is crying out in need.  We are so very blessed here in this country.  Ask God to show you who needs your help and then be obedient to what he tells you to do.

I think of my daughter, her struggles and her pain and I think of those abandoned children and their struggles...their need for clean water, medical supplies, some one to keep them safe from being torn apart by the wild animals ...The children could have been mine.  Out of my gratitude to live in the United States I give.   I give because --giving and prayer are the only two things I can do.

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